HighLight Bulb Changing Pole -- The Best Bulb Changer For Chandelier Bulbs On High Ceilings

HighLight Bulb Changer - Chandelier Light Bulb Changer & Remover – Highlight Bulb Changer

Highlight Bulb Changer

Highlight Bulb Changer

Length: 6’ 8.5”
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Extension size: 2’ 2.5”
Includes: Handle Section
Extension Section
Traverse Drive Section
2 Catching Skirts (different sizes)
Materials: Shaft & Transverse Drive: High Impact Outdoor Furniture Grade Plastic
Grabber: Low Durometer Silicon Rubber
Catch Skirt: Standard Rubber
Bulb Sizes:

The Highlight Bulb Changer Grabber can replace bulbs up to 2” in diameter and of almost any shape. (Abnormal shapes may not apply) This comprises 99% of all chandelier bulbs and many others as well.

The Highlight Bulb Changer can also replace bulbs up to 4-5’, including flood light bulbs and other downward facing bulbs, with the Highlight Bulb Changer Cup & Basket devices.

$ 49.95