HighLight Bulb Changing Pole -- The Best Bulb Changer For Chandelier Bulbs On High Ceilings

The Patented Design | The HighLight Bulb Changer – Highlight Bulb Changer

The Design

The design of the HighLight Bulb Changer and our patented technology is what makes us unique. The one-of-a-kind components, mentioned below, work together in order to create a synergistic effect, providing you with an easy, safe and FAST experience!

Innovatively Designed Bulb Grabber™

  • HighLight™ is an innovatively designed bulb grabber that allows safe removal of an enormous variety of hard to reach bulbs. It uses strips of sticky silicon rubber to grip on to almost every type of bulb.
  • The design can be used for the function of changing both upward AND downward facing chandelier bulbs.


      Transverse Drive Assembly™

      • HighLight™ Transverse Drive Assembly™ is the elegant answer to the problem of upward pointing bulbs. 
      • The Drive Assembly provides more than enough torque and stability for most removals and replacements. 
      • Colors of actual product may vary from illustrations.



      Ultra Stable In-Shaft Drive™

      • HighLight™ In-Shaft Drive™ enables the turning of the grabber and bulb without turning the pole.
      • This allows the user to keep both hands on the HighLight™ Bulb Changer and assures more stability, control, and safety. 
      Assemble 2 sections or all 3 sections for even higher reaches


      Collapsible Extension Pole

      • HighLight™ three part pole easily disassembles for storage and portability.



        Drive Spindle Extension

        • HighLight™ Drive Spindle extends slightly beyond the drive head housing. 

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