HighLight Bulb Changing Pole -- The Best Bulb Changer For Chandelier Bulbs On High Ceilings

Light Bulb Changing Pole | The HighLight Bulb Changer – Highlight Bulb Changer

Our Product

With approximately 20 million chandeliers hanging in American homes, there has always been a need for a simple solution to change upward and downward facing light bulbs in a high ceiling chandelier.

Until now, there has only been one way for you to do this:

  1. Acquire a dangerously, tall enough ladder to reach the chandelier.
  2. Carefully and strategically lean the intimidating beast against the wall - be careful not do damage anything!
  3. Climb to the very top of the ladder – be sure to turn on your Cirque du Soleil worthy, balancing skills!
  4. Carefully turn yourself around to reach out and over to the chandelier – don’t look down!

We are changing light bulbs, not inventing them.

Your Solution


HighLight Bulb Changer is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This innovative, patented technology creates a hassle-free, safe and speedy light bulb changing experience for you. Change upward or downward facing bulbs of any shape or size with HCB. Go to great lengths with this light bulb changing pole without having to sacrifice your time and convenience with the HighLight Bulb Changer.

Life is too short. Make it simple

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