HighLight Bulb Changing Pole -- The Best Bulb Changer For Chandelier Bulbs On High Ceilings

How It Works | The HighLight Bulb Changer – Highlight Bulb Changer

How It Works

Instructions for Assembly and Use

  1. Insert Handle Section-1 into Extension Section-2 and tighten Phillips screw.
  2. Insert Extension Section-2 into Driver Section-3 and tighten Phillips screw. 
  3. Insert Grabber-4 into Driver Section-3’s Geared Driver receptor, facing down for chandelier bulbs or up for other bulbs.


  • Extend Grabber over bulb and gently lower onto the bulb.
  • Turn Handle at bottom of Handle Section-1 in the direction of unscrewing until bulb is free of chandelier and can be safely lowered to user.
  • Replace bulb and secure new bulb firmly into Grabber.
  • Raise HBC and lower new bulb into place.
  • Rotate Handle in tightening direction until snug.

Down Facing Bulbs

  • Insert Grabber into top of Geared Driver receptor and use for many bulbs.
  • You can also use Drive Spindle on the Driver Section to attach cups, baskets or any other existing bulb changing technology or utility attachments (dusting, painting, etc,) that have a standard threaded receptor.
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