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FAQs | HighLight Bulb Changer – Highlight Bulb Changer


 How does the HBC suction cup work?

 As a matter of fact, there is no suction cup to deal with, making the HighLight Bulb Changer stand out among the rest. Its complex design makes things simple, safe and convenient for you.

 The mechanisms inside the Grabber work together, pressing on the bulb while firmly holding it in place. Should the bulb slip out of the Grabber it will be caught by the Catching Skirt at the opening of the Grabber. Learn more about how it works.

Is HBC safe to use?

 Safety, simplicity and convenience have been our top priorities since HBC’s inception. The simplicity of the device makes it easy to operate, making the bulb changing process significantly safer. HBC is the safe solution you’ve been looking for and is ultimately altering the way we replace bulbs.

Is there any danger of electrocution when using it?

 With the exception of a couple of fasteners, the entire HBC is made of plastic and does not conduct electricity.

What types of bulbs can HBC change?

 With its incredibly adaptive design, HBC is a light weight bulb changer capable of replacing bulbs of almost every shape and size – upward or downward facing.

How high can HBC reach?

 HBC is a 6’ 3” light bulb changing pole. So a 6’ person reaching upward with the HBC could change downward facing bulbs as high as about 14 feet. A few inches less for a chandelier.

 Can HBC be used at offices, schools, homes etc.?

Absolutely. The HighLight Bulb Changer is the only solution you need when it comes to changing any out-of-reach light bulbs.

 Aside from burned out bulbs, can HBC also remove broken bulbs from a socket?

 In addition to changing bulbs, the HighLight Bulb Changer is also capable of removing broken bulbs from its socket – depending on the shape of what is left. As long as there is enough of the bulb left over for HBC to grab, then yes.

How sturdy is the light bulb changing pole?

 This chandelier bulb changer is made of the same unbelievably sturdy PVC that high end outdoor furniture is made of, making HBC strong and durable for years to come.

 Can we attach other tools to the spindle? Does the attachment require a specific size?

 The spindle extension is a nylon screw that is standard for numerous attachments including, paint rollers, dusters, bulb changing baskets and suckers, etc. Anything with the standard thread fits nicely.

 Is HBC sold in any retail stores?

 HBC is not yet available in retail stores, however, purchasing online is simple. Place your order here.

 Is the product patented?

 You bet! There is no other high ceiling light bulb changer like HBC. Change you chandelier bulbs, upward or downward facing, with the HighLight Bulb Changer.

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