HighLight Bulb Changing Pole -- The Best Bulb Changer For Chandelier Bulbs On High Ceilings

Disclaimer – Highlight Bulb Changer


There are a seemingly infinite number of fixture designs and bulb sizes and we are constantly adding more to the design of the HBC.
As much as we would like to be and are trying very hard to become, we are not a universal light bulb changer yet.
The distance from the pole to the edge of the Grabber is 1 3/4" and 3 1/2" to the center of the Grabber.
The Grabber opening is 3” across and will not fit down into globes with small openings… this will be addressed with an attachment being designed as we speak…also, if your up facing chandelier bulbs are bigger than the Grabber, we are developing a basket type changer that fits into the Grabber and can handle larger up facing  bulbs than regular chandelier bulb sizes.