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Our Story

Until now, Jim Ellis had never owned a chandelier. He stood in awe, marveling at the glittering beauty of the new classic fixture, flame colored beams glistened off the gold of the finely crafted chandelier and shimmered through its diamond glass beads, lighting the entire atrium of his family’s home like a royal palace.

However, this wonderment came to a sudden halt as Jim noticed two of the bulbs were not burning. The following scenario of how to address the problem began to play out in his head as he gazed up at the fixture:

To change the high chandelier bulbs from standing down here is out of the question – for obvious reasons. This means I would be standing at the top of a ladder, and not just any ladder, a dangerously tall and heavy ladder that has to first be carried into the atrium, extended into the stratosphere and then strategically leaned against the wall – all while attempting to avoid damaging anything.

Then – once having made it to the top of the ladder – I will have to turn myself around, reach out and over to the fixture, twist it around if necessary to reach the troublesome bulbs, then hold the chandelier with one hand while changing the bulb with the other. All the while maintaining a death defying balancing act, worthy of the Cirque du Soleil.

First of all, I didn’t have a ladder capable of even attempting this. Secondly, the whole process just screamed ‘this will more than likely end disastrously.’

It was at that very moment a light bulb switched on inside his head, and Ellis said to himself, “Eureka!” The solution to the problem was so simple, that he could not believe it hadn’t been done before.

With a relentless attitude to make people’s lives simpler, Jim decided to act on his thoughts and develop a safe solution to address this common problem of changing upward facing chandelier bulbs.

Since ideas are nothing without implementation, Jim assembled a team of the most capable and creative minds. Each embracing their unique talents and enduring much trial and error led to what is now known as the HighLight Bulb Changer and is paving the way of innovation in light bulb changing technologies.

Life is short – make it simple. Order now.