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Lighten Up: The Highlight Bulb Changer's Origin Story

Posted by James Ellis on January 21, 2017 . 0 Comments

Lighten Up: The Highlight Bulb Changer's Origin Story

My name is Jim Ellis and this is the story of the development of the Highlight Bulb Changer…

I had never owned a chandelier.

I had written music for a legendary television show (WKRP in Cincinnati), had 2 songs in the Olympic Games, and even conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded them at Wembley Stadium in London.

But I had never owned a chandelier…..until now.

I stood in the atrium of my family's nice new home and marvelled at the glittering beauty of the classic fixture, flame-coloured beams glistened warmly off the gold of the finely crafted chandelier and shimmered icily through its diamond glass beads, lighting the entrance hall like a royal palace…this was very cool.

Soon, however, my unmitigated enthusiasm for the new...

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