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Word on the street is...

Posted by James Ellis on August 14, 2017 . 0 Comments

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Seven months have passed since we first opened the virtual doors of HighLightBulbChanger.com

Time flies when you are worrying large holes in your duodenum... and our first inroads into the market place have had enough time and effectiveness to elicit responses from users and reviewers....full disclosure, we have of course had some returns... one person could not figure out how to use it, one said it was not long enough and yet another said it was too heavy.... we are addressing these issues as we find appropriate, but no one has said it was a shabby product or that it did not do everything we said it would.

On the contrary ... we have had many compliments from satisfied costumers, especially those who feel safer using the HBC than they used to, no longer teetering too far up a too tall ladder without a net. People like the simple, quality design as well, but I will dive off into that lovely pool of self-congratulation next blog :)

This one is dedicated to online reviews, mostly the video review and article posted by ezVideoWiki…..

Check out the "Best Bulb Changers of 2017"

The video is on the right and we come in at about 2:55

  .... you might think I would be pleased having the HighLight Bulb Changer chosen as the third best bulb changer in the world...

On the contrary, I am surprised and a tiny bit offended that we did not win.

Here's why:

Neither One nor Two changes up facing bulbs i.e. NO CHANDELIER BULB CHANGES…
The quality of their tools is not up to our standards ...
They are far less flexible in their application than we are, changing a significantly fewer variety of bulbs.

So there.

On the webpage itself they make it clear why we came in third overall, yet won our category, which was “Best High End Changers".... because $39.95 plus shipping was a little (seriously) more than the others, and even though we offer a much more comprehensive, quality product.... an actual tool if you will and I have received exactly zero complaints about the price. Perhaps we really are the high end of the home bulb changing the market for good reasons. Our product also is hearty enough to compete with really expensive, professional facility bulb changers as well.

Nonetheless, they had some really cool things to say about us in both pieces (“sturdy…only one to change flame-shaped bulbs, collapsible"  etc.) and neither had anything bad to say, which the reviewers did about several of our competitors. They even referred to the only other changer that addresses angled bulbs as having a “flimsy” remote control…. it is also motorized, which I think is a mistake… less control, and changing light bulbs isn’t hard enough or tedious enough to require a motor… more expensive, more stuff to break, just to have the reviewers say that part of your product was “flimsy”… that has to sting.

So good news on the internet review front and away we go!

Next time I will analyze the customer feedback.

I’m just sayin’,

Jim Ellis CEO Faraday Partners, LLC… makers of the HighLight Bulb Changer™

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