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There are three lightbulbs in a room...

Posted by James Ellis on May 02, 2017 . 0 Comments

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I have always enjoyed logic and lateral thinking puzzles...

...as I find that they encourage creative thinking, imaginative points of view as well as the logical manipulation of what data you do have, since the puzzles usually provide no more and no less than the information needed to solve the problem.

Here is a classic poser involving my favorite subject… lightbulbs!!

There are three light bulbs in the basement, each one of which is connected to one of three switches on the ground floor of the house. Your task is to figure out which bulb is connected to which switch.

The bulbs are currently out (no pun intended) you know, not on.

You can go to the basement and view the bulbs only once.

How can you manipulate the switches so that when you visit the basement, you are able to tell which bulb goes to which switch?

Answer below: 

The key is the bulbs have to be incandescent (which when this puzzle was conceived was the only thing out there) and that incandescent bulbs produce heat.

Turn on Switch One and leave it on for a few minutes, then turn it off.

Turn on Switch Two and go to the basement.

The bulb that is burning is connected to Switch Two.

The bulb that is warm is connected to Switch One and

The bulb that is cool is connected to Switch Three.

It’s always easy after it’s explained, isn’t it? :)

The brain loves a poser.

Next time!

jim ellis

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