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Please do not eat the Highlight Bulb Changer

Posted by James Ellis on August 02, 2017 . 0 Comments

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Risks of Running Your Own Business? Who Knew!

The process of obtaining Product Liability Insurance has precipitated a foray into the zany world of 'safety warnings'.....as inevitably appear on consumer products in general and the Highlight Bulb Changer specifically.
Our own caveat requirements will probably be fairly reasonable, given that our product is designed specifically to make the entire bulb changing process SAFER for the user... safety glasses, gloves, turn off the electricity to the fixture, hot bulb reminder, etc...... also it is made of PVC and therefore does not conduct electricity.
It will be interesting to see what other warnings the Underwriter suggests in order to reduce liability.
I can tell you this, however. Judging from the examples I found easily on the webs, it is virtually impossible to underestimate the lack of judgment that a certain segment of the population consistently exhibits.
Therefore the warning on the product.... no matter how extreme and nonsensical it may seem... was probably precipitated by at least one actual occurrence, maybe more of the non-recommended behavior.
This led me to wonder under what circumstances the original stupidity took place....what were they thinking.....what were they trying to accomplish..... how much alcohol was involved :)
There are some warnings that are quite obvious as to why they are there, no matter how ridiculous it is:
A laundromat washer's very first warning is "Do not put a person in this washer."
We immediately know why that's there..... the uber-baked frat guys kept mistaking them for dryers and scalding and drowning themselves..... although they did come out clean as a whistle.
A couple of more that actually DO spur the imagination as to their backstories are here:
On the Apple site is an MP3 player sales page that has in its warning list "Do not eat this iPod"...... an entire universe of stories springs from that setup. Before I had begun researching these things, I made myself a note of the most absurd warning I could think of and I came up with "Please do not eat this Highlight Bulb Changer"....apparently this was not only not absurd, it wasn't even rare!
A label on back axle of Razor Scooter.  "This product moves when used." 
One can only say well let's hope so, but that means that there is at least one person out there who lacks a basic understanding of what wheels do and what frequently 
happens when they show up on things.
Ultimately my absolute favorite was found on a product I can't make out what it is, but it is genius and we no doubt will use it for our very own product?

"If you cannot read (....) warnings, DO NOT USE PRODUCT!"

I'm just sayin'

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