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Lighten Up: The Highlight Bulb Changer's Origin Story

Lighten Up: The Highlight Bulb Changer's Origin Story

Posted by James Ellis on January 21, 2017 . 0 Comments

My name is Jim Ellis and this is the story of the development of the Highlight Bulb Changer…

I had never owned a chandelier.

I had written music for a legendary television show (WKRP in Cincinnati), had 2 songs in the Olympic Games, and even conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded them at Wembley Stadium in London.

But I had never owned a chandelier…..until now.

I stood in the atrium of my family's nice new home and marvelled at the glittering beauty of the classic fixture, flame-coloured beams glistened warmly off the gold of the finely crafted chandelier and shimmered icily through its diamond glass beads, lighting the entrance hall like a royal palace…this was very cool.

Soon, however, my unmitigated enthusiasm for the new fixture began to wane as I noticed that at least two bulbs were not burning… either they were loose or burned out.. and the scenario of addressing the bulb problem began to play out in my head:

In order to change the bulbs I would have to actually touch them.... and that would require standing at the very top of an insanely tall ladder... which had to be brought into the atrium... extended into the stratosphere and then leaned against one of the walls while attempting to avoid damaging anything, including said walls..... then, having made it to the top of the ladder... trying to turn around and reach out and over to the fixture..…. twisting it around if necessary.... holding the chandelier with one hand and ...changing the bulb with the other… all the while maintaining a death-defying balancing act worthy of the Cirque du Soleil.

Not only did I not have such a ladder, the whole process just screamed: “you’re gonna die.”

As I was mulling all that over, the name of Frank Zappa’s band popped into my mind.

Eureka! I thought (okay, okay, it was really more like ‘dang, y’all!’, but that isn’t as classy and after all, I was now a certified chandelier owner) as an idea popped into my mind that was so obvious and so simple, that it was a long time before I was convinced that it had not been done before.
Why not design a lightbulb changer that changes upward facing bulbs? A long pole with a transverse drive that I could hold up to reach the bulbs from much closer to the floor, if not actually on the floor. You could hold the pole up with one hand and twist the handle with the other to rotate a grabbing device that fit down over the bulb. The pole within a pole to elevate and drive the traverse device, and the geared or belted traverse drive to the down-facing grabber were simple enough. The grabber itself would be more complicated, but certainly doable.
At that point, I did what any good inventor does when he or she gets a useful inspiration...I called my brother-in-law.

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