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Lighten Up Part Three: The Journey of a Good Idea to Market

Posted by James Ellis on February 22, 2017 . 0 Comments

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The HighLight Bulb Changer: Going To Market

Now is the appropriate time to introduce the actual beating heart of the project, Ken Bertoli of Cube Design, our beloved and much-admired designer big time stylin' yo. Without Ken, a good idea remains just a good idea. Needless to say, Ken knocked it out of the park on the plastic redesign that resulted in Proto 3, the final design to date and the one in all the sales materials.

Here we welcomed onboard, James Ellis, a man of considerable financial mojo, valuable insight and my very cool nephew, Jarvis’s son. We immediately pressed James into service by insisting that he attend a tool making trade show with us. We made a bunch of contacts that day, but eventually it was on the suggestion of our revered designer Ken that we submitted our designs to:

ITI Manufacturing and therewith we began a relationship that is ongoing. Dan Courson is our client rep and he has been helpful and engaged from the very beginning. Doing his best-balancing quality and budget, while exhibiting a thorough understanding of our situation and needs. He has already improved the material we are using for the Grabber strips, a crucial part of the design and we welcomed his suggestion. Check ITI and Don out at itimanufacturing.com.

Simultaneously we have developed a sales website with Brandon Deeb at Full Media and his talented cohorts. They are truly the pros from Dover in this realm of expertise and you may see for yourself at fullmedia.com. I became interested in them when I googled ‘website design and marketing' and my area code and they came up first. I figured if they could make themselves come up first, then maybe they could help us too. Subsequent engagement with their team has been professional, creative and satisfying in every way. They rock. 

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